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    Meet the team: Alex Alexandra Tombling

    11th July 2019 - 3:00 pm - by Alexandra Tombling

    Alex Tombling joined us in June 2019 and has been busy planning the next 6 months of marketing strategy for razorblue.

    Tell us a bit about your background…

    Well I was born and bred in Middlesbrough, so I am fairly local. What many do not know about me is that I am a fully qualified teacher and have taught at both secondary and A level business studies, ICT and Computer Science. A change in career path lead me to put my marketing degree to good use and I landed a role at a local company as an SEO (search engine optimisation) specialist. I worked my way up to Marketing Manager and after that I joined razorblue and I think it is safe to say that I have landed my perfect job.

    What is your new role at razorblue?

    I am Marketing Manager which means I take care of campaigns, branding, promotion, public relations and networking along with many other tasks alongside this. It is my job to ensure that the image of razorblue is communicated throughout all channels to different stakeholders.

    What attracted you to the role and the company?

    IT is something I have always been passionate about and I feel there is a real need for it in all businesses. When you are marketing a product or service that you love, it makes the role much easier. razorblue is known for being a fantastic company and I wanted to be a part of a busy and friendly team.

    What’s your favourite gadget?

    My Amazon Alexa has changed my life. I have it on all morning listening to the radio before I go to work, I use her for my shopping lists, and even to make announcements to everyone else in my house.

    You have £3,000 to spend on anything tech. What do you buy?

    I would just go all out with a smart home. A smart thermostat so the house is warm when you come home in the winter. A smart door lock as well. Plus every socket, light bulb and appliance would be smart.

    Have you ever had to give tech advice to friends and relatives?

    Quite often, I tend to be the ‘go-to’ person in our family when it comes to devices. I think they get a bit fed up with how opinionated I am on the whole Android v IOS debate.


    Thanks Alex- we are sure you will enjoy being a part of the team.