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    9 Steps to Reduce Your Risk by 90% Dan Kitchen

    25th September 2017 - 10:19 am - by Dan Kitchen

    I see it every day – another IT service provider claiming they’ve got the perfect solution to ransomware attacks by simply ensuring you’ve got backups to restore from. This might help recover your data but it absolutely isn’t the solution – you need to stop these attacks happening in the first place.   When some malicious code has managed to make it into your network and then subsequently run – you’re having a really bad day.   There’s an epidemic of malware and ransomware infections at the moment. In most cases they can cause widespread business disruption, and where backups […]

  • Technology isn’t a replacement for good management Dan Kitchen

    14th July 2017 - 10:39 am - by Dan Kitchen

    Time and time again I’m faced with the same questions from clients who want to ‘stop their staff from doing things’. Sometimes there are legitimate reasons, other times I sigh in disbelief. Technology is a very useful tool for protecting businesses from financial and reputational risks – but what it can’t do is manage your staff for you. Let’s take Bob for example, the bone-idle Facebook surfer – with a few clicks by the IT department or MSP, access to Facebook is blocked and they will return to full productivity – or so some people think…. In reality, it won’t […]